“What’s Next?” For Birmingham’s Women’s Marchers

While hundreds of thousands of protesters marched in Washington, D.C., this is what made the news in Alabama. Supporters of women’s rights carried signs past iconic symbols of the civil rights movement in Birmingham. But, while the chanting and marching went on, organizers were already thinking about phase two. “What’s next is taking all of … Continue reading “What’s Next?” For Birmingham’s Women’s Marchers


“Bear” Bryant’s “Italian Battalion” stays loyal to this day

  It was six days before Christmas and there was 30 inches of snow on the ground. Despite the weather conditions, hundreds of cars were parked in the drive of Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church, which sat glowing atop a hill. People gathered into the church hall to hear the man with the … Continue reading “Bear” Bryant’s “Italian Battalion” stays loyal to this day

ARMCHAIR FEATURE: Interview with the Sports Queen of Comedy, Katie Nolan

This interview was not only EXCLUSIVE to Armchair, but also a dream come true for me. Make sure and check it out!!

The Armchair All-Americans

Katie Nolan has become one of the funniest talents in sports journalism, especially with her new show on Fox Sports 1, Garbage Time, which just wrapped its first season. She provides the perfect combination of wit and analysis on her show, making her the most entertaining sports talk show host to watch. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ask her some questions, and she was nice enough to answer them and fulfill my dream of interviewing my favorite woman in sports.

1.    How do you feel the first season of Garbage Time went?

I think it went well! I certainly wasn’t expecting to crush it in the ratings right out of the gate (if ever?), so what I was really looking for was to make sure we improved each week. We tried a lot of things; some worked, some didn’t, but we learned from our…

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Women in Sports

My first story for this blog! I’m quite proud so give it a read!

The Armchair All-Americans

For years, I have been the only girl to know and love sports as much as the boys around me. For instance, I was the only girl to play with boys during recess in elementary school, especially if football was involved. We usually kept it to two-hand touch, but when we did play tackle I could take down anyone I wanted, while the boys were not allowed to use that kind of force on me (I of course, realize now the double standard that was set but the poor boys had been taught never to hit a girl and I was simply respecting that rule).

It was not until I got to middle school that I realized what it truly meant to be a female that enjoyed playing sports. For instance, every sport played in PE was separated between boys and girls. Now, not to offend anyone, but a lot…

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