Why I Write

Why write? I suppose many people say they write to find themselves or to dig deeper into their own minds. However, I personally write to take advantage of the opportunity it gives me to explore the worlds outside of myself. It allows me to observe and piece together the bits that make life what it is. Whether it’s the wind blowing through her hair, or the sweat dripping down his face, or the smell of cookies in the oven, these moments of experiences make up our lives. And by writing them down we remember them; we relate to them. These seconds in time, whether within this universe of another, show us how other people live, and prove that diversity exists. I truly believe each person has a story to tell and, no matter if that person is real or not, their story deserves to be shared.

Maybe that’s where good writing comes from: the constant search for others’ stories. Writers should be driven by their refusal to accept a dead end, knowing that there are always more stories out there, waiting to be found and shared.


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