Who am I? (Not 24601)

Who am I?

I am a mixture of many combinations of opposites, leaving others constantly unsure of which me they will get.

I come from a combination of places: city and country. New Orleans and Greensboro were my second homes.

I grew up a combination of girl and tomboy, always wearing hair bows with my tennis shoes.

I became a mixture of private and public, as I went to Catholic elementary school and public middle and high school. The two proved to be quite different.

I am a combination of sporty and artsy, singing to myself while shooting free-throws.

I am also a combination of fan and athlete. I love to watch the game, but I love playing it even more.

I struggle with handling the combination of independent and extrovert, wanting to do my own thing but always needing people around me.

Another combination that is sometimes hard to handle is that of Southern and Democrat. I have as much Southern pride as the next Alabamian, but I will forever be just another blue dot in a red state.

I am a combination of free-willed and rule follower, always wanting to have a good time, but doing so in the right way.

My music taste is a combination of old and new. While I love to groove along to The Who, Elvis, and Zeppelin, I am always stoked to hear the best of recent artists.

I have grown to be a combination of hipster and preppy in more ways than one. For instance, I can have long conversations about the control of The Man while sipping on Starbucks.

I hope to someday be a combination of a rebel and a stereotype, as both a sports journalist and a wife/mother.

Who am I? Whoever I feel like being.


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