“Find Your Passion”

As I entered college this year, I heard the phrase, “Find your passion,” a lot. I thought I knew what my passion was. Turns out I was wrong.

Ever since freshman year of high school, I have known that I wanted to go into journalism. Knowing that my favorite university had one of the best journalism programs in the country made the decision to study it even easier. I soon obsessed over news-related entertainment, such as the movie All the President’s Men and the HBO series, The Newsroom. These stories showed me that being a journalist was hectic and important, which is what made it so appealing.

But as I grew older I acknowledged that journalism was not my only passion. I accepted the fact that I had a true love for sports. Once I heard that my college would be offering sports journalism, I figured I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I planned to someday write for the sports department of CNN and live in Atlanta. Perfect.

But then this summer I discovered the wonders of YouTube. I had obviously been on the site before, but I had only used it as a source of entertainment. I have now learned that it is also a source of education, communication, and connection. And I have passions for those things too.

So I created a channel and started my own series of videos, “Sports in 90 Seconds.” I was inspired by the countless number of volggers I watched over the summer and tried to incorporate their style into my own. The more videos I made, the more fun they got. I felt like I had found a new, unearthed passion in the internet and transmedia communication.

This feeling was so new that I went to a panel a couple of weeks ago on sports journalism, to make sure I wasn’t headed the wrong direction. The panel was made up of the men pictured above, three writers and one TV anchor. However fascinating their stories were, as they spoke I became less and less convinced that I wanted their career. They (probably unintentionally) only seemed to talk about the negative aspects of their job. And when I asked about sports’ absence in transmedia outlets, they didn’t fully grasp what I was talking about.

That’s when I knew that I had to forge my own path. Every time I said I was studying sports journalism, people would ask if I wanted to be Erin Andrews. I always said, no Erin Andrews is Erin Andrews and that I wanted to be me. But I never really knew who that “me” was.

But I feel like I have now found her. I want to be a part of the innovative and creative world of online communication, and I want to help find a way to bring sports into that world. That’s my passion. I don’t know if it means I have to change majors, apply for different internships or what, I just know that I want to make this happen because there is no way I could be passionate about doing anything else.


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