Birmingham: The Music Capital of Dixie

My friend playing at Singer/Songwriter night at Workplay
My friend playing at Singer/Songwriter night at Workplay

Lately, I have realized what a blessing it is to live in a city where local music is nothing short of fantastic. To my great delight, one of my favorite online radio stations, Birmingham Mountain Radio, has made its way to the FM dial. I cannot express how happy I am to see this station further its success and how I am finally able to stand listening to the radio. The station calls itself The Alternative [to] Radio, which sums it up perfectly. It plays everything from Foo Fighters, to Mumford and Sons, to Imagine Dragons. But it also has a specific focus on local artists, which I could not be more thankful for. There are so many talented musicians in Birmingham. Playing or being played in this city provides for a great introduction into a sensational music scene. I realized this was all true tonight, after attending Workplay’s (a legendary Birmingham theater) Singer/Songwriter Open Mic Night. The main reason I was interested in going was because one of my good friends was playing with a couple of his friends and I wanted to be supportive. But what I got from the night was so much more than seeing my friend on a stage. I was introduced to so many incredible artists that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. I even wanted to buy some people’s nonexistent albums. Of course, I am bias, so I will admit that my friend’s group was the very best, but I thoroughly enjoyed the majority of the other acts. By the end of the night, I was in shock that I had not attended this event more often. It made me very proud not only of my friend, but also of my fellow Birmingham citizens. To be so beautifully creative and share one’s talent is so important, and I am glad these performers did just that. They made me feel things no other musician could make me feel and they were all unique. I hope each and every one of them succeed, because they deserve it. Not to mention, it would do Birmingham good to have its name be taken extremely seriously in the music industry. Because you best believe it damn well deserves to be.


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