So I just got back from seeing Monsters University (great movie by the way) and something was said in a turning scene that I have been thinking about a lot lately. In this scene, Mike and Sully discuss how they are both failures and how ashamed they are. While watching I just wanted to scream at the screen Hank and John Green’s advice: IT’S OKAY TO FAIL! Nothing is going to go exactly as planned the first time. Especially something you’re working really hard at. Something that takes effort has to be worth falling for. If it isn’t, you’re not trying hard enough. Your creation has to have something to lose in order to have value.

But what this really boils down to is not being afraid to try. In order to have a creation, you have to try to make one. I have recently started making my own video blog, something I never knew I had an interest in.I got the idea from a combination of things. My friend had just started one and I saw how much possibility there was to making one as well. I had also been watching a lot of vlogbrothers (John and Hank Green) recently and found them very entertaining. I saw a particular video about how to make a vlog. In this video, Hank shared some advice that I am sharing now: Do not be afraid to try. So I decided to not let fear stand in my way of my new-found interest. I decided failing would be worth it, even if it was on the internet for everyone to see. I’ve only made three videos but I already feel like I have learned a lot. My very first video, while good for a first try, could use a lot of improvement. I saw that and made my next one better. Then I made the third one the best one yet.

I’ve been doing this for two weeks now and I can’t remember the last time I felt this excited about a project. I have found a true passion in it which I never would have known about had I not decided to TRY and accept that FAILURE IS INEVITABLE. I’m not saying that failure is what we should strive for or that we don’t need to have the urge to succeed. What I’m saying is this: If it is failure you’re afraid of, you’re wasting your time by not trying. Do not deny your creativity because you think it won’t be any good, Chances are, people will like what you do! Even if they don’t, you can have the pride to know you put yourself out there for the betterment of creation. Creating is so important to the development of society. Without your courage to try and fail, we will never know what we’re missing.

By the way, my vlogs can be found at

Thanks for your support!


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