We’re All in This Together

Sorry it’s been a while but I’ve been going a mile a minute these past couple of weeks. So here I go:

The other day I was wondering why I love sports so much (they really re all I think about). And I realized one reason is because of the crowds. Crowds convince me to cheer and to care. This realization was reaffirmed the other night at my graduation of all events.

We had to arrive at graduation an hour and a half early so the students had to sit and wait in a hallway for quite some time. But we were suddenly told to stand and line up. I was towards the beginning so I could see the crowd through the arena entrance. The longer we stood there the more nervous I got; I couldn’t help but dwell on the importance and significance of these next moments. But I smiled and looked back towards my fellow classmates and I could not stop thinking, “It is finally our time.”

Without warning, “Pomp and Circumstance” began to play over the loud speaker. As we began the procession, the crowd stood and began to clap and whoop extremely loudly. I especially noticed a particular group of people at the ground level that screamed my name as I walked by. This group was my closest family and friends, and they made me feel like a superstar. There was so much pride in that room that I could not help grinning like a goofball for the entire procession. Even as I stood and waited for everyone else to come in, I stood there smiling. Families were happy. My classmates were happy. I was happy.

The ceremony itself was very nice and included two beautiful songs from our senior Madrigals (despite the music mishap), a prayer from our First Priority leader, and touching speeches by our class president and valedictorian. We even said the pledge together one last time as a class, lead by a senior JROTC commander.

Then came the calling of the 424 names, which surprisingly went by swiftly. I was very thankful I did not fall (though I came close) and that there were no real disturbances. Before I knew it, it was time to switch our tassels over and officially become graduates. Suddenly, we all threw our caps up in unison and the alma mater started to play over the speakers. We sang it for one last time as a class. But I wasn’t sad. I honestly have never felt more happy in my life. I was so full of joy and adrenaline, I was hardly sure what to do with myself. So I just sang and smiled and rejoiced in the fact that I was done with high school. I did not dislike my time there, but I knew it was time to move on and it just felt great to have that next step closer than ever before.

“Thompson, Thompson, Dear Ole Thompson, true to thee we’ll be. We will always love and honor to eternity.”


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