Confessions of a Teenage Drama-Free Queen

So as I sit outside and appreciate this perfect day of 67 degree weather, I of course ponder my life. There is a lot to think about, what with graduation being A MONTH AWAY and whatnot. But what I’m thinking about right now is what will be different when I leave high school.

This week, I received my senior newspaper packet to fill out. One of the sections was “Least Favorite Memory” and I started to write something automatically that I had not thought about before: the drama of high school.

Now, I am one to try to avoid drama at all costs. I think it is a waste of time. But here recently, I have been surrounded by it and I still think it is pointless. People are always talking about others and their business that does not concern the speakers themselves. 

I also recently re-watched The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a web series that puts Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in a modern light. When watching it again, I picked up on a theme I had not when watching it for the first time. I realized that the series focuses on being responsible for your own life and not trying to control the ones of those around you. 

This combination of events has me realizing that this theme needs to be known by every high schooler. In such a small environment, people find nothing better to do than talk about other people. Or they try to intrude themselves into others’ lives. And I just sit there and ask, “Why?” It just seems so exhausting to put so much energy into things that you can’t control. Worrying about petty things that do not affect you should not be a part of your daily life. Who cares if so-and-so said that? Why does it matter that you-know-who did this?

There are so much bigger things to be concerned with. World issues, community matters, and more pressing on high school seniors, the beginning of entering the “real” world. In the real world, Susie’s social status will not concern you or your career. So why worry about it now? We’re all beyond the immaturity of middle school, so what could be a legitimate excuse?

Reflecting on this has me all the more excited to get to college. Not that I am wishing for time to rush by at all, but I look forward to a time when there thousands of people at a school, therefore making it impossible to keep up with everyone’s business. And I am hoping to surround myself with others who put focus into higher matters and do not care about the latest “drama.” Because I certainly do not.


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