Which came first: the Chicken or the Egg?

In the south, it is a known fact that good music and fried food can bring flocks of people together. This was eminent this past weekend in Moulton, Alabama where the 9th annual Chicken and Egg Festival took place. It was here that people came to see a poultry show, a tractor show, bluegrass bands, and musical artists from Muscle Shoals. What could be more Southern?

My brother, dad, and I attended the second day of festivities on Saturday where we were pleasantly surprised with what the event had to offer. Our original intention for attending was to see Jason Isbell, a family favorite artist. However, we decided to make a day of it and arrived at around 4. As we walked in we saw craft tents, carnival food and rides, an egg toss, and Chicken Bingo (no joke). We proceeded to set up our soccer chairs in front of the main stage and we sat back and listened to the music of the Pine Hill Haints. As we were listening, I kept trying to categorize them or compare them to another group; I never could. They were very entertaining and we now own one of their CDs. After their performance, we walked over to the poultry show and literally witnessed chickens the size of dogs (as Jason Isbell described). After we ate dinner back out at the car, we made our way back to listen to the Fiddleworms. They rocked pretty hard so we also came home with music of theirs. 

As the sun set, I could only think of how fortunate I was to be alive in the midst of such beauty, love and great music. Festival season is always one of my favorite times of the year.

Then came the main event. Jason Isbell rocked the stage with his band, The 400 Unit, and entertained the crowd for an hour and a half. He jammed and covered, and even threw in a Jimmy Hendrix song into one of his own. We danced, sang and whooped as we snacked on sweet and salty kettle corn. 

After that, our night was ended but I could not be more pleased with how the day turned out. It was such a fun day as we got to hear and discover good music, eat good food, and enjoy good company. It was nice to spend time with my dad who is usually out of town during the week for work. Though we missed my mom (she was at the beach), it was nice to spend that time with him. I believe my parents have raised me right in taking me to music festivals my whole life. I have grown to have a great appreciation for good music and will continue to attend festivals as long as I live. I’m thinking the Chicken and Egg Festival may just have to be one we now attend every year.


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