Off to Neverland!

Why do we allow people to be mean to us, while we yearn for their approval? Perks of Being a Wallflower says it is because we accept the love we think we deserve. But is that entirely true? That book also explores not being able to do anything about the bad things that happen around us. So is it because we can’t help these things that we believe we also can’t help the way people treat us? Maybe we can’t but we sure can help the way we act towards others and the way we think of ourselves.

J.M. Barrie wrote a brilliant play called Peter Pan whose primary character is a young boy who never grows up. Not only is it a fun tale for children, but it also reminds adults to reminisce about the good times childhood had to offer. Imagination could take you to a far-away land where the epitome of evil was embodied by a pirate with a hook for a hand. But once again exploring one’s imagination is not the only gift this play offers. Most importantly, it questions the process of growing up. Why do people want to, and do others not? Children usually wish to be older and what they believe to be freer. But they do not know that freedom lies in their minds within their innocence and purity. Perhaps this is why Barrie wrote of an island beyond the stars. It offers people a place to escape those who hurt and the feel of pain and enjoy the life we used to all live. He knew that we need to remember how to be happy and how to willingly have fun. It is impossible to escape time as Hook tries to do, and as Peter does, but we mustn’t allow our hearts to grow old. The message people can take away from Peter Pan is not that of staying physically youthful, but of keeping our hearts young and free to love and feel. Fear creeps in at times, but we must simply to remember that we can fly with just faith and trust, and, if necessary, a little bit of pixie dust.

So what am I trying to say in this jumbled mess? Basically, I’ve realized that being young at heart is important when facing life’s challenges. Bad things happen and we can’t help them. But if we keep our youthful hearts, we can persevere through them by hanging on to happiness and the pure parts of life. Don’t ever grow up.


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