Inescapable Darkness

What is this world we live in?Why is it a place of destruction and terror?We're surrounded by death and horror.This is not what I signed up for.I know one's life can't be chosenbut hoping to see the good shouldn't be hard.Yet good is clouded by those without heartsand those unwilling to play their parts.Why is … Continue reading Inescapable Darkness


Confessions of a Teenage Drama-Free Queen

So as I sit outside and appreciate this perfect day of 67 degree weather, I of course ponder my life. There is a lot to think about, what with graduation being A MONTH AWAY and whatnot. But what I'm thinking about right now is what will be different when I leave high school.This week, I … Continue reading Confessions of a Teenage Drama-Free Queen

Which came first: the Chicken or the Egg?

In the south, it is a known fact that good music and fried food can bring flocks of people together. This was eminent this past weekend in Moulton, Alabama where the 9th annual Chicken and Egg Festival took place. It was here that people came to see a poultry show, a tractor show, bluegrass bands, … Continue reading Which came first: the Chicken or the Egg?