The Not-So-Distant Future

Wow. It’s really been a while since I posted and I apologize. As I start this, I don’t know where it’s going to end up. I usually don’t write like this so forgive me if it’s a bit random.

So as a senior everyone around you talks about how exciting “your future” is going to be. But is everything that is categorized as “your future” exclusively saved for a time to come? Lately, I’ve kind of forced my future upon myself. I have known for some years that I want to go into the field of journalism but I never knew when I would technically  become a “writer.” Well I believe that day has come. Last month, I had my first piece of journalism published in an official publication about my school’s principal. Not to be boastful, but it was a durn good piece. I was very proud; I was even paid for my efforts and received countless compliments on the story, including from the principal himself. I will continue to have my own stories in this particular publication until the end of the school year, gaining me experience and cash. 🙂

As of today, I shall be occupied with yet another internship as soon as this present one ends. I had my first official interview for a journalism position at the local county newspaper. Starting this summer, I will be their first and only high school intern undoubtedly putting me ahead of other future journalists my age (sorry if I again sound pompous). I greatly look forward to being in a newsroom setting and covering events all over town. I know it will be such an educational experience that I will treasure with much pride.

So when thinking about “my future” I might as well think about right now. Everything I do is setting me up for what I want to do later in life. And that is true for everyone. Though I know internships are not available for everyone or abundant in any means, but everyone has the opportunity to better their chances for a successful  future. Your future might as well be now, so don’t be afraid to prepare for it.


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