I Believe That We Have Won

So, I love basketball. It is by far one of my favorite sports. There are so many opportunities to be excited and show support and spirit. This was definitely proven just yesterday, as I attended a basketball game I will never forget.
My high school’s basketball team made it to the state Elite Eight tournament. I’m not sure when the last time our school had a team make it that far, or even if it has happened at all before this year.  However long it had been, the crowd was surely record breaking. Our student section easily had around 500 people, about a third of our school.
I had never heard such a loud cry of “Sucks!” during an opponent’s lineup as I did at that game. The yell of “Warriors!” had never had so much spirit as it did yesterday. And the chant, “I believe that we will win!” never sounded more confidant.
Having 500 people show up to a game can make it loud, but it also can fill one with pride. Yesterday I felt true pride in my school even though we lost the basketball game. But that’s not the point. The point really is that our team made it extremely far into the tournament, our school showed its support, and I was able to have a truly unique senior year experience.
However fun it was, I’m sad that the season is over. It’s been a special one that included a last-minute victory over our rival, numerous roller coaster rides, and a trip to the Elite Eight. I am sad it has ended, but it has me looking forward to college basketball and the even more rambunctious student sections to come. However, Patrick’s Posse will forever hold a special place in my heart.


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