A Simply Good Day

So today I am blogging about the fantastic day I had yesterday.

For starters, my anatomy test was pushed from this Friday to next Wednesday. I probably could have taken it, but this was a welcome postponement nonetheless.

Later in the morning, I receieved a very sweet and special note from one of my friends that contained a heartfelt poem.

I then got to witness a new episode of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries that was put out yesterday. If you have read my previous posts, you know that I am an enthusiastic Jane Austen fan so of course I follow a web series based on her classic, most beloved, 200-year-old novel. Yesterday’s episode was especially entertaining, for it revealed a major development in the plot. Not to mention, Mr. Darcy was especially heartbraking with his understanding back rubbing he offered his love interest.

Not long after watching said video, I got to share a very special moment with one of my best friends. We got to speak to arguably one of the cutest guys in school We were very juvenile about the whole thing, what with our giggling and nervous glancing. But we enjoyed the moment nonetheless.

My happiness continued as I beasted an English test on Hamlet and then got to have a few laughs with my newspaper staff. My afternoon produced nothing but pleasure as I came home to a newly restocked pantry, multiple boxes of Cheez-Its included.

Come 8:00 last night, I was ready to cheer on Crimson Tide basketball, as they were hosting the Arkansas Razorbacks. The first half was quite relaxing, with Bama dominating both ends of the court. However, the game quickly became a tale of two halves as the opponent came out and suddenly made it a game that was too close for comfort. With under a minute left, the good guys were able to retake the lead and come out with a stressful victory.

Having a day like that made me realized how blessed I am. The people around me, having more than I need, and enjoying what all is a part of my life have all become my main source of humility and happiness. It’s nice to have good days; they remind you of how good you really have it.


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