Strength is required to finish Senior Year

Though it is supposed to be the “easiest” year of high school, senior year is harder than many may believe. While seniors are finally the top dogs at the school, they have more to deal with than ever. Senior year is full of hanging on to memories while anticipating new ones. The first semester offers final football games and pep rallies; it also provides the stress of final ACTs and application deadlines. Throughout all of this, I have discovered being a senior is nothing but a balancing act.
Now that the seniors’ last semester of high school has started, some are more relaxed than ever. “Senioritis” is ever so tempting to many students as graduation approaches. I myself am tempted to slack off every once in a while, especially when college details seem more prominent. It may be irresponsible but checking my college email excites me more so than Pre-Cal homework. But the more I go through this senior year, the more I realize both are equally important.
I am on track to receive several scholarships from the University of Alabama, all academically-based. Having this at stake reminds me to keep my grades up, regardless of my laziness. My hard work has paid off and I do not want all of it to go to waste.
Neither should you my fellow seniors. Though graduation is close, high school is still an important factor in our lives. It has provided us our foundation to move on to the next level of education. We must finish strong so that we can enjoy this next step of our lives.


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