Living it up in Downtown

I’m a day late with this one but sadly my internet was down last night.

I could talk about last night’s events in a negative way, describing how grumpy I was at times. But I shouldn’t. I can’t. I won’t. You see, my family and I met friends to see Elf at the historic and majestic Alabama Theatre. The house was full and we had front-row seas in the balcony. We sang along to Christmas carols and they were played on the organ. We laughed with hundreds of others and sang with them again when Buddy decided to sing in the middle of the store. This all added up to a fun night.

Though, at times, the night did prove to be annoying. What with my lack of sleep and short temper, I sometimes didn’t allow myself to enjoy the movie because I have seen it so many times. I feel bad about that, and the fact that I was snippy with my mother when she had done nothing wrong.

But all got better when we arrived at 24-hour Steak and Shake for a 10:00 dinner. Despite the time, the service was excellent, as was my cup of chili. I ended the meal with a delicious eggnog shake that I shared with my dad. We laughed on the way home about the movie and about many other things.

I wish I had been in a better mood, for I would have been much more appreciative of last night’s experiences as they happened. But as I think about it, the more happy I am with the events that took place. The Alabama Theatre is such a magical place and it is a blessing to ever go there, especially at Christmas time. Also, going to downtown Birmingham is a treat, for we don’t go very often. Steak and Shake was also sweet (pun intended) because it allowed us family time during a sit-down dinner. Not many people have those anymore and I am blessed it is a regularity among my family. I am also blessed that my parents love me enough to take me out to do things as a family. Without them, I would not have nearly as many experiences as I have had.


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