Sorry! doesn’t cut it

I was 14 years old when I knew what I wanted to do with my life, but it was before then that I already had my reasons why.

On a rainy day in eighth grade, the P.E. classes were made to stay inside due to the weather. We had the entire gym to either play basketball or dodgeball. Or at least, the boys did. The girls were made to either play four square on the gym stage or board games out in the lobby. As someone who grew up playing basketball and was always happier with some sort of ball in my hand, I grew tired of this ritual rather quickly. I had always thought about trying to play with the boys, but never really had the courage to speak up. But on this day when faced with the reality of having to play Sorry! on the floor for 40 minutes, something rose up inside of me that filled me with enough anger to say something. It was probably the middle school hormones, but I knew something had to be said based on principle. I went up to one of the male coaches (picture a girl who had just grown into a 5’6” frame marching up to a man legitimately almost seven feet tall) and asked him if I could play basketball with the boys. He simply told me, “No.” Infuriated, I stormed back towards the lobby and turning around right before the door closed, I yelled louder than appropriate, “Sexist!”

To this day, I don’t know if that coach heard me or if he even cared. But that moment is one I play in my mind over and over again when I think about why I am pursuing sports journalism. Those kinds of situations I faced in my youth are what inspire me to work toward making the world of sports better for girls. I want to start conversations about why girls aren’t as interested in sports as boys and maybe that it’s because of the fact that they are denied the opportunity to learn about and play them in school. I want to fight for women’s sports coverage to increase and for them to be seen as important as men’s sports. I want to hold male players accountable for their abuse against women, whether they be reporters or significant others.

So if you want sports to remain a boy’s world where they can do what they want when they want, be careful of how you treat girls in sports environments. You might just inspire one to become a sports journalist with a mission.

Flashback Friday: Atlanta Adventure

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I really like taking pictures, and therefore take a lot of them. So I’ve decided that every so often on this blog I will post collections of them, since hardly any of them make it to my Instagram.

I decided to start with my recent journey to Atlanta with my good friend Laura, where I took some favorite pictures of mine recently.

It was my first time visiting downtown since moving to Georgia, and I quite enjoyed looking at the varying architecture and all of the character the city had to offer.



Everything captured my attention from chess pavilions, to street signs, to statues.


But there’s no question that the best part of the whole day was spending time with my beautiful best friend.

I’m glad to say that Atlanta treated these two Bama girls pretty well.

All pictures taken with iPhone 6 and edited with VSCocam

ARMCHAIR FEATURE: Interview with the Sports Queen of Comedy, Katie Nolan

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This interview was not only EXCLUSIVE to Armchair, but also a dream come true for me. Make sure and check it out!!

The Armchair All-Americans

Katie Nolan has become one of the funniest talents in sports journalism, especially with her new show on Fox Sports 1, Garbage Time, which just wrapped its first season. She provides the perfect combination of wit and analysis on her show, making her the most entertaining sports talk show host to watch. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ask her some questions, and she was nice enough to answer them and fulfill my dream of interviewing my favorite woman in sports.

1.    How do you feel the first season of Garbage Time went?

I think it went well! I certainly wasn’t expecting to crush it in the ratings right out of the gate (if ever?), so what I was really looking for was to make sure we improved each week. We tried a lot of things; some worked, some didn’t, but we learned from our…

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ARMCHAIR FEATURE: Interview with one of the Media’s Finest, Shea Serrano

The Armchair All-Americans

Over this weekend I was fortunate enough to interview one of my favorite writers and someone that the entire staff here at Armchair idolizes. Shea Serrano is a staff writer for the popular website, Grantland, where he covers anything from the NBA to movies to hip hop music. He is the author of the upcoming book, The Rap Year Book: The Most Important Rap Song From Every Year Since 1979, his second published book. Not only is he a published author and staff writer but he also spent many years as a teacher, making for nothing but excellent stories.

Shea has risen in the eyes of sports fans everywhere through his unique writing style and incredibly funny Twitter account. His tweets about his kids and his struggles to defeat them in Super Smash Brothers or just really anything that pops into his head captivate followers all over the…

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Hawks Use T.I.’s Advice, Get Tricked into the Worst Jerseys Ever

The Armchair All-Americans

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Today, when I sat down at my computer, I had every intention on writing a well informed sports article about a current event that would be relevant to the average sports fan. I mean, I really wanted to, but the Atlanta Hawks organization and Peter Sorckoff, their chief creative officer, were just not going to have it.

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with these things, I literally cannot find a single redeeming quality in these uniforms. I guess let’s start at the beginning with WHO THE HELL DECIDED TO ADD NEON YELLOW TO THE MIX?!? If adidas approached me and asked me to redesign a uniform, the absolute last suggestion I would make would be to add neon yellow to the color scheme. The only people that are ever allowed to use neon yellow is the University of Oregon but that’s only because they pretty much invented…

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