ARMCHAIR FEATURE: Interview with the Sports Queen of Comedy, Katie Nolan

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Caroline Vincent:

This interview was not only EXCLUSIVE to Armchair, but also a dream come true for me. Make sure and check it out!!

Originally posted on The Armchair All-Americans:

Katie Nolan has become one of the funniest talents in sports journalism, especially with her new show on Fox Sports 1, Garbage Time, which just wrapped its first season. She provides the perfect combination of wit and analysis on her show, making her the most entertaining sports talk show host to watch. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ask her some questions, and she was nice enough to answer them and fulfill my dream of interviewing my favorite woman in sports.

1.    How do you feel the first season of Garbage Time went?

I think it went well! I certainly wasn’t expecting to crush it in the ratings right out of the gate (if ever?), so what I was really looking for was to make sure we improved each week. We tried a lot of things; some worked, some didn’t, but we learned from our…

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ARMCHAIR FEATURE: Interview with one of the Media’s Finest, Shea Serrano

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Over this weekend I was fortunate enough to interview one of my favorite writers and someone that the entire staff here at Armchair idolizes. Shea Serrano is a staff writer for the popular website, Grantland, where he covers anything from the NBA to movies to hip hop music. He is the author of the upcoming book, The Rap Year Book: The Most Important Rap Song From Every Year Since 1979, his second published book. Not only is he a published author and staff writer but he also spent many years as a teacher, making for nothing but excellent stories.

Shea has risen in the eyes of sports fans everywhere through his unique writing style and incredibly funny Twitter account. His tweets about his kids and his struggles to defeat them in Super Smash Brothers or just really anything that pops into his head captivate followers all over the…

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Hawks Use T.I.’s Advice, Get Tricked into the Worst Jerseys Ever

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Today, when I sat down at my computer, I had every intention on writing a well informed sports article about a current event that would be relevant to the average sports fan. I mean, I really wanted to, but the Atlanta Hawks organization and Peter Sorckoff, their chief creative officer, were just not going to have it.

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with these things, I literally cannot find a single redeeming quality in these uniforms. I guess let’s start at the beginning with WHO THE HELL DECIDED TO ADD NEON YELLOW TO THE MIX?!? If adidas approached me and asked me to redesign a uniform, the absolute last suggestion I would make would be to add neon yellow to the color scheme. The only people that are ever allowed to use neon yellow is the University of Oregon but that’s only because they pretty much invented…

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Women in Sports

Caroline Vincent:

My first story for this blog! I’m quite proud so give it a read!

Originally posted on The Armchair All-Americans:

For years, I have been the only girl to know and love sports as much as the boys around me. For instance, I was the only girl to play with boys during recess in elementary school, especially if football was involved. We usually kept it to two-hand touch, but when we did play tackle I could take down anyone I wanted, while the boys were not allowed to use that kind of force on me (I of course, realize now the double standard that was set but the poor boys had been taught never to hit a girl and I was simply respecting that rule).

It was not until I got to middle school that I realized what it truly meant to be a female that enjoyed playing sports. For instance, every sport played in PE was separated between boys and girls. Now, not to offend anyone, but a lot…

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Why I Write

Why write? I suppose many people say they write to find themselves or to dig deeper into their own minds. However, I personally write to take advantage of the opportunity it gives me to explore the worlds outside of myself. It allows me to observe and piece together the bits that make life what it is. Whether it’s the wind blowing through her hair, or the sweat dripping down his face, or the smell of cookies in the oven, these moments of experiences make up our lives. And by writing them down we remember them; we relate to them. These seconds in time, whether within this universe of another, show us how other people live, and prove that diversity exists. I truly believe each person has a story to tell and, no matter if that person is real or not, their story deserves to be shared.

Maybe that’s where good writing comes from: the constant search for others’ stories. Writers should be driven by their refusal to accept a dead end, knowing that there are always more stories out there, waiting to be found and shared.